1/18/12 My First Day

First things first, this morning I woke up and weighed myself, and I weighed in at 328. This is why I am doing this, because just looking at that number makes me want to vomit. It makes me very unhappy and depressed. Moving on..

After my 1 PM class today, I bought some lunch and some green tea for my trip to the gym. I bought a s sub from campus, which was 390 calories. The green tea was 125 calories. For dinner I had two turkey burgers on whole wheat bread. I also had a couple of glasses of orange juice as well. I am not completely sure of the caloric count of the burgers and orange juice, but I am fairly certain that I did not go over my 2900 calorie daily limit that I set for myself.

As for the gym itself, I guess it was a lot better than I envisioned. In the past, for the most part, my experiences with gyms have been very negative. I dont know why, but it may be that in the past I have almost always gone to the gym with another person, and it has mainly been at the school gym. I did not like that very much, for a couple of reasons. These reasons include: I dont like going to the gym with other people because I feel like they are judging me and I want to do things at my own pace; the gym on campus is small, crowded, hot, and smells like ass. The gym that I joined, Planet Fitness is a medium sized gym that just opened. It is not very crowded, due in part to the fact that it just opened, and that it is open 24 hours, which spreads the crowd out. I really hope that it doesn’t get more crowded as more people join. If that is the case, I may have to start going later in the day, or maybe even at night around ten or eleven.

Now, for my workout. I started on the elliptical. I did some cardio on that for thirty minutes. I started out full of excitement for the new me. That lasted about 4 minutes and then I got that first feeling of, “oh, now I remember that i hate this.” I pushed through that and got through the first ten minutes, with only light sweating. At that point, I was thinking of only going for fifteen minutes and then taking a break, but I have done that in the past and it did not end well. I decided to go the full thirty minutes, which actually got easier for the most part after the first fifteen minutes. I always heard that it got easier as you went on, but I guess I never got that far. After the first thirty minutes of cardio, I decided to do some weightlifting. Today, I focused on something that I am already good at, my greatest attribute if I do say so myself, my legs. I did some leg work, such as the leg press, leg curls, leg extensions, and backwards leg extensions. All of these machines I have used before with the exception of the backwards leg extension, which actually works your butt our more than your legs. I also did some calf workouts on the machine that I cannot remember the name out of; the one where you just push the weight with your toes, I will refer to it as the “toe calf machine”. I got through all the leg workouts in about half an hour. At this point, I thought about calling it a day for my first day, but I figured that I would end it on some light cardio work. I got on a bike, and started biking. Again, I planned on stopping at fifteen minutes, but kept going for a full thirty minutes.

I felt great after the workout, and as of right now I am not sore, which if I’m being honest, i’m not sure if thats a good or bad thing. Maybe I will feel it in the morning in my legs. I’m assuming that I wont feel any negative effects from the cardio workout, only positive effects in the long run. It was a great first day at the gym, and I dont think things could have gone any better. I actually thought about going back tonight, but I decided that i probably shouldn’t overload my first week. I made an appointment for next Wednesday at three for a meeting with a personal trainer. They will help me talk about my goals, and they will personalize a workout plan and diet plan for me. I cannot wait for that. I will go to to the gym again tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully they have a gym in Northern Kentucky that I can go to this weekend as well. I will update tomorrow, and everyday that I go to the gym, (or dont go to the gym.)





This is the first day of the rest of my life. Yesterday, I went to a new gym that opened up in Louisville called Planet Fitness. I also went and bought all of the equipment that I may need to start my new life, such as a gym bag, water bottle, gym clothes, shower stuff, etc. I am very much looking forward to the rest of my life. As of right now, I am going to keep this blog to myself, just for my own viewing, and I will eventually release it to some friends and my beautiful fiancee.

So, to those of you who are reading this, I am sure you are wondering why I have decided just now to change the way I eat, and change the way I act, and change my overall lifestyle. Its simple, It is January 18, 2012, and on January 19 2013, I am getting married. I think that my bride to be deserves me looking my best on her wedding day, and I believe that she deserves the healthiest person possible during our lifetime together. She stole my heart, so I have to make sure that it remains healthy.  Beyond that, I want to finally feel in control of my life. There are few things in life that someone can completely control, and I believe that their health is one of them. They can completely control what they put in their body and how they live their life.

This blog is not only to serve as a journal of sorts, archiving  my journey through weight loss and health, it is also to serve as motivation when I am feeling down about it. If I am not getting the results I want, I hope to read these past blogs to remind myself what it is all about, my health for my beautiful bride to be, and taking control of my life.

Tomorrow is my first day eating healthy and going to the gym. Hopefully tomorrows blog post will include my current weight, and some other information to archive my progress, such as body fat. That blog will also include some specific goals, but for now I can only share some smaller goals:

  1. To become a healthier person in the next year.
  2. To look sexy in my tuxedo at my wedding.
  3. To lose 50 pounds over the next year by eating healthy and working out four times a week.
  4. To lower by body fat  by 8 percent.

I plan on doing this by (My creed if you will)


  1. NO Fast Food
  2. NO Soda, only Juice and water
  3. NO eating past 8 PM if at all possible
  4. NO snacking.
  5. Going to the gym at least 4 times a week. NO slacking no matter how hard it becomes. MAN UP, its not just for you.
  6. Stick to it this time.
  7. Log everything I eat and its calorie content
  8. Stay below 2900 calories a day.
  9. Keep this blog, it will only serve as more motivation.
  10. NO MAKING EXCUSES, you can do this!!!